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Systemic constellations is a philosophy and methodology for shifting patterns in life, and broadening perspectives in relation to current difficulties. It is an approach that can be applied in many different ways both in individual or group settings. I use it to facilitate behaviour change around health issues, helping people to improve their relationship with their bodies. Often where there are seemingly intractable issues related to health there can be attitudes of judgement or rejection related to the body as an extension of the self. Sometimes there can be emotional holding patterns of something unexpressed in life.

I work with individuals using figurines or placing markers on the the floor to represent people, events or elements related to their issue. The placement of these objects externalises the inner workings of the mind bringing relationships and dynamics into visual clarity fostering insight and understanding. A couple of typical examples of this would be exploring an individual's relationship to pain or weight. 

This approach can be done in person, online or in groups. Please get in touch if you have any questions with regard to this approach.

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